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30 Apr 2020
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Globe Valve

1. Globe valve

Globe valve: It operates by reciprocating action of disc or plug. The disc or plug moves to or away from the seat thereby stopping the fluid flow or allowing the fluid to flow. The disc or plug seats over the valve seat. The valve seat can be removable. Pressure drop in the globe valve is high.

The valve can be manually operated or power actuated or automatic actuated. Globe valves are available from 12 mm to 300 mm size and their temperature and pressure limits are 550 C and 150 kg/cm2 respectively. Material of construction for globe valve is carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, brass, and other corrosion resistant alloys.

Different Types of valves uses in different sectors. In this article mentioned 19 types of valves 1. Globe valve, 2. Gate valve, 3. Ball valve, 4. Butterfly valve, 5. Diaphragm valve, 6. Plug valve, 7. Needle valve, 8. Angle valve, 9. Pinch valve, 10. Slide valve, 11. Flush bottom valve, 12. Solenoid valve, 13. Control Valve, 14. Flow regulating valve, 15. Back pressure regulating valve, 16. Y-type valve, 17. Piston valve, 18. Pressure regulating valve, 19. Check valve

Globe valve

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